Thursday, November 18, 2004


It's Not Racy, You're Just Racist.

I was watching E.S.P.N. and a pinhead sportscaster was griping about how people were offended by the Monday Night Football sketch with Nicolette Sheridan and Terrel Owens. He went on and on about all of the things on Monday Night Football that are suggestive. Upskirt shots of cheerleaders, the women in beer commercials, ads for erectile dysfunction, etc, and how those were offensive too, and nobody was saying anything about it. I was with him on that, until he got to his point. He ended his rant by suggesting that people were only offended because it showed a nude white woman jumping into the arms of an African American. By that, I was at least a little offended. I've never called in to complain aboout anything to the FCC. Call it offended phone caller A.D.D.. But when I sit and watch Monday Night Football with my grandma and great-grandma, it bothers me to have to sit through crap like that before the game turns on. It has nothing to do with race. Somehow, blue state folks always seem to turn to racism, and homophobia as an explanation for the behavior of conservatives. They just do not get it, whatsoever. He was right about one thing, though. On a matter of consistency, complaints should be pouring in over every scantily-clad woman, and any suggestive material in any commerical or skit aired during Monday Night Football. You aren't going to win the battle over the airways by choosing your battles. You have to draw a line, and fight any offender to whatever end. Personally, I will sit this one out. If I'm offended, I'll just turn off the T.V.. That would pretty much solve the problem on my end. For you noble defenders of decency in society, fight the good fight. I'd help but I couldn't hold interest in the matter for very long.

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