Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Immigration A.D.D.

The President just recently re-proposed his immigration reform policies which would apparently relax the rules that allow people to sneak across our southern border. In a way, I see this as an attempt to end a state of denial that our government is in. If we aren't going to really try to secure our borders, why not just throw the dice and let 'em in. I haven't read the proposal or anything, because my immigration policy A.D.D. prevents me from learning anything about it until it's spelled out for me on CNN, or any number of syndicated radio talk shows that I listen to from time to time. Evidence would suggest, however, that our laws really aren't preventing illegals from getting across. So either we go Bush's route and relax the rules, or we build a wall, right? Actually, I believe there is a middle ground. We need the labor, and the Mexicans need the cash. I believe in that whole American dream thing, and I think it should apply to everyone. So while I am not necessarily opposed to making it easier on prospective immigrants to be allowed to legally enter and work in America, I am not a fan of how Bush is doing it. It's clear that his base doesn't support any form of amnesty, when illegal immigration is percieved as such a problem. This divides the Republican party, and creates the illusion that Republicans don't like Mexicans, which is absolutely bad. I think Bush should streamline the immigration process, and couple it with a renewed focus on border security, so that while people don't have to sneak across illegally if they want a chance at a better life, at the same time, a state-of-the-art surveillance system could prevent those who try and cheat from getting away with it... Or we could just fix Mexico via globalization, and then there wouldn't be a problem. But that would mean that Mexicans would have to stop crying every time a Wal-Mart pops up near some historic landmark.

does that count as ADD, or full-out schitzophrenia?
I don't really know. You see, I'm technically not a doctor.
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