Thursday, November 04, 2004


High-Profile Trial A.D.D.

Wow they are sure talking about Scott Peterson alot. I am ready for this thing to wrap up. In fact, I was ready for it to wrap up as soon as they caught him on his way to Mexico. Not because I don't believe in his right to a fair trial, but because I didn't have any desire to hear about it for the next three years. I find it very hard to pay attention to even a 5 minute discussion about these stupid court cases that the media, especially FOX news, goes on and on about. I can't understand the fascination. Cases like these happen every day all across the country, why are you so obsessed with this one? Where do you find people who feel so passionate about a case they have nothing to do with? And why is this any of this my business?? It looks like this case is finally wrapping up, after nearly 6 long months of picking apart every decision, every shred of evidence, and every turn of events that came up in this seemingly one-sided case. It's over. The guy's guilty, let's move on with our lives.

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