Thursday, November 11, 2004


Don't Forget: Liberals are Demons.

I was watching Hannity & Colmes, and Alan Colmes was griping about how Republicans have been very "successful" in demonizing words such as "Liberal" or "diversity." I guess he was attempting to make us feel bad, I'm not sure, but I took it as good news. It means Conservatives have had an impact, and their voice has been heard, and they have actually been able to influence public opinion so much, that it would be acknowledged by a flaming Liberal. I find it funny that Colmes sees it as a tactic, or a strategy Republicans have developed and launched. If these words have been "demonized" as he says it, it's through no efforts of the leaders of the Republican party. The negative stigma is attatched to it by ordinary people across the country as they see what those terms refer to. They see people losing jobs over affirmative action, and the completely condenscending, and insulting treatment of anyone who isn't white, and say "Is this what they mean by diversity?" They see people on TV talking in circles about raising taxes, perverting marriage, and killing babies, and watch newscasters take shots at their president with forged documents and say "Is this what a Liberal does?" Republicans aren't the ones demonizing these terms, Alan, because all the work has already been done for us. This is just another example of your denial of the fact that the Democratic Party does not understand the average American.

In short... MOO HAHA.
My work here is done.

I mean, it's not like the libs haven't made "conservative," "religious" and "family-oriented" their own sort of code-language for "we think you people're evil and all should burn in hell for not supporting our ajenda, you little ignorant homophobes"

So, y'know. If people think twice about siding with liberals because being associated with the name 'liberal' is too much for their election-scarred psyche, i'm kind of OK with that.
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