Thursday, November 18, 2004


British Ban Fox Hunting

Britain's House of Commons moved to outlaw fox hunting Thursday, winning a dramatic standoff with the House of Lords to ban a popular country sport that is despised by many urbanites. Royal assent to measure, making it law, was expected within hours.

British fox hunters are livid, but foxes all across the country are rejoicing, for now they can lead long, productive, meaningful lives without the fear of being hunted. It's interesting to watch Britain operate. They are a step closer to Socialism than America is, and whatever they do will someday be attempted here. Liberals here are still trying to ban guns. Britain just straight up banned hunting. There is alot that could be said here, if it wasn't for my British House of Commons Tyrranical Policy A.D.D. I know that I'll be rooting for John Jackson, who promises "true civil disobedience," in continuing the sport despite the ban. Only because it would entertain me to see how far Britain goes to protect the stupid foxes, and how far fox hunters will go before taking up another hobby. This could end up being the next Braveheart. "Freeedom!!!" "Foxes!!!" "Aauggh!" *Gruesome battle ensues; cut to baby foxes being squished by British tanks.*

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